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What we do?

Data processing

Members of our team have 10+ years of experience in effective processing, programming and statistical analysis of various datasets. We offer a complete solution for every step of data processing: starting from data cleaning, detecting outliers and erroneous data, up to creating or improving predictive modeling solutions.

Statistical analysis

Almost every data science solution rely on the knowledge about the analyzed process, and how well can it be re-defined by the language of statistics. Our team proved in numerous (scientific and business) projects the robustness of dealing with complex statistical problems and turned it into effective solutions. We also help you to interpret and explain obtained results.

Data visualization

There's no better way to make use of data than showing it in a proper way. Often use of a standard charts is not enough to present essential information that your data contains. Therefore non-standard and highly-customizable graphs are our specialty. The best visualization techniques ease the interpretation of obtained results and help you to understand the data.

GIS, mapping & spatial data

Analysis of spatial data is one of our greatest specialty. Our projects keep the best standards of GIS software. We are deeply involved in spatial data analyst community and contribute in mapping software development. After spending more than hundreds of hours on teaching GIS we know that sometimes even a simple (static or interactive) map is worth more than any word, table and chart...


Having own dashboard to analyze and present your data never been so exciting. With the use of Shiny platform you can easily present and analyze your data with the fully interactive app in an internet browser. Avoid launching desktop or mobile applications and keep everything Shiny!

Big data analytics

We offer fast and efficient big data analytics with the use of coupled Hadoop / Apache Spark and R programming tools. We are experienced in analyzing data ranging from a few up to hundreds of gigabytes using a cloud or our own servers.

Predictive maintenance

Cutting edge statistical modeling techniques may help to improve efficiency of production process by reducing failures, optimizing production process, finding and eliminating bottlenecks, etc... Thus, a proper analysis of predictive maintenance may clearly reduce overall spendings.

Reports automation

Many documents created on a daily, monthly or annual basis are fully reproducible. Save your time by automatizing the entire process of creating report in a one-click-solution. We couple narrative text and code into elegantly formatted output that is finally saved as PDF, MS Word or HTML document.

Deep & machine learning

Machine learning techniques let to create sophisticated models that are unreachable by the means of classical statistical tools. We apply the cutting edge techniques famous for winning the modeling competitions, including: H20, caret, XGBoost, and Tensorflow & Keras.

Clients & Projects:

Below you may find a short list of companies & institutions where our team provided consulting & data processing:

Institute of Plant Protection - National Research Institute

Past & Future Climate Projections in Poland with bias correction according to CMIP-5 simulations; Data clustering

Institute of Meteorology and Water Management - National Research Institute

Data processing & machine learning of observational, satellite, radar, and numerical weather prediction data

Aqua-Sun Consulting

GIS mapping with the use of R+Quantum GIS solutions. Customizing map layouts and GIS-related calculations based on GPS measurements

How we do it?

We do believe that the best solution does not have to cost a lot. Therefore all of our projects are done to the highest standards of the R programming language. Thanks to R (and partly other languages like Python, C++ and Fortran) we provide an easily scalable cutting-edge technology with all benefits of open source software.

High applicable potential of R is confirmed by its popularity for (statistical) data analysis. Click below to see more details:

About us

Our team offers data management and mining solution for problems in business, industry and scientific disciplines (initially related to atmospheric, GIS and health sciences). We are a team of experienced data analysts & modelers that earned M.Sc. / Ph.D degrees in fields requiring a special skills for dealing with various types of data. We offer nonstandard data mining techniques to extract relevant information for a specific problem. We support effective and efficient solutions for both: one-time cases (non-active) as well as live updated (online) data problems. All of us are active scientists and R enthusiasts frequently publishing and attending data science conferences.

Bartosz Czernecki

Big data, data mining for business & industry solutions

Founder of "IQ Data". Earn his Ph.D in atmospheric sciences, where flood of data and different storage standards are met on a daily basis. Started R programming around 2009, but still does not forget about efficient Fortran coding (where necessary). Linux & FOSS enthusiast. Specialized in data analyst solutions focused on predictive modeling. Author of numerous impact-factored scientific papers on topics related to statistical and numerical modeling in meteorology, energy sector & evaluation of risk assessment.

Jakub Nowosad

Machine learning & GIS Specialist

Earn his Ph.D in geoinformatics for a work coupling machine learning algorithms with Geographical Information Systems (GIS). Currently developing spatial algorithms in the Space Informatics Lab (Univ. of Cincinnati). Active member of a R-GIS community and author of numerous scientific papers and books (including Geocomputation with R) related to spatial data analysis and modeling.

Michał Czyż

Medicine, Biology & classical statistics

Former biology PhD Student. Currently a guest scientists in Bundesinstitut für Risikobewertung and previously engineer in National Research Institute. Specialized in classical statistics and business data mining for medical and food safety research. Author of numerous scientific papers in the field of biology and reports in the area of Pest Risk Assessment.